G-Force Wing

Fun. Simple. Hard To Master. Unique Mobile Gaming.

You are the commander of the lone G-Force Wing Defense Force and in order to defend earth you must fend off waves after wave of UFOs. Control your ship via your iPhone in a uniquely fun way. Your ships turns which ever way you turn your body. Rotate your body 360 degrees for a full range of shoot 'em up action! Hint: Your office swivel chair is the perfect spaceship cockpit!'

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  • “ G-Force Wing is Awesome! ”
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Unique Experience

G-Force Wing was designed specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch. G-Force Wing takes advantage of the mobile platform to incorporate aspects to the game that are simply not possible on other gaming platforms.


Game Center Support

G-Force Wing is integrated with Game Center so you can compete for scores on the leaderboard and challenge your friends too!


Active Development

Look forward to new, free content and updates!